From our Toyland to Yours

Spreading smiles, one toy at a time! Curate your child’s playroom with our pugs that spark endless imagination and fun.


Striders FZ LLC was formed with the core objective of providing an end-to-end solution to its partners in the toys and consumer product industry. Besides being a specialized distribution company in the licensing arena, Striders FZ LLC also provides OEM solutions to its retail buyers/partners across different product categories across the globe. Pugs at Play is Striders way of bringing smiles to the faces of children, by introducing unique concepts at value price offerings, which makes Pugs at Play a must-have brand in all retail stores.


Pugs at Play was conceptualized with the objective of providing an end-to-end solution in the interactive plush segment which, was a missing block at retail. Pugs at Play revolves around the basic concept of providing fun, laughter, and an overload of cuteness to children, whilst keeping them engaged with their favourite plush buddies. Its self-demonstratable feature, coupled with unique concepts and affordable pricing, makes this range an instant hit amongst all our retail partners.



Establish Pugs at Play as a child-loved and parent-approved, ‘interactive plush segment’ choice, which unlocks playfulness.


To be the most loved soft toy brand that puts a lasting smile on your the faces of children, everywhere.



Joy and Laughter



Immersive Play

Safety is a top concern for parents when it comes to toys for their young children. Make sure your brand prioritizes the highest safety standards in materials, construction, and interactive features. This value will build trust among parents and caregivers.

Playtime should be filled with laughter and joy. Your brand can emphasize the value of happiness through playful designs, cheerful colors, and interactive elements that elicit giggles and smiles. Creating positive associations with your brand will resonate with both children and their parents.

Encouraging imagination and creative play is paramount for young children's development. Your brand can emphasize the value of creativity by offering plush toys that inspire storytelling, role-playing, and imaginative adventures.

Children form strong emotional bonds with their favorite toys. Position your brand as a provider of companionship and comfort for children during playtime and even bedtime. Emphasize the idea that Pugs at Play plush toys become trusted friends in a child's world.

Emphasizing toys that provide an immersive play experience, whether through interactive sounds, lights, or movement. This value adds a level of engagement that captivates children's attention and keeps them entertained.